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    Do you have unresponsive cursor problems? Do you also find clicking on items when using your MacBook difficult? it may be time for a MacBook Pro trackpad replacement. At Big apple repair, we offer free consultation and estimates for all MacBook Pro trackpad related problems. With over a decade of experience in the industry, we will have your laptop returned to you with fully restored trackpad functionality in no time.

    MacBook Pro Trackpad Repair

    The MacBook Pro trackpad repair is our specialty. Sometimes, the fault could be a software issue or moisture trapped inside the trackpad. If your MacBook drops and the trackpad scratches, it may behave erratically, and the cursor may not adequately respond to your finger movements on the trackpad. Whatever the case may be, we can fix it.

    Macbook Air Trackpad Replacement

    You are not left out if you own a MacBook Air. Like the MacBook Pro, at Big apple repair, we offer MacBook Air trackpad replacement. So, if your MacBook Air Trackpad shows any signs of malfunction, you can bring the Mac down to our store for a free consultation, and our efficient engineers will look into it.

    Common Reasons For a MacBook Trackpad Replacement

    MacBook trackpad replacement is not uncommon in the world of device repair. Ideally, if properly managed, you should not need a trackpad replacement in the lifespan of your MacBook. However, accidents happen, some of which include:

    1. Physical Damage: Cracks, scratches, or dents on the trackpad surface.
    2. Unresponsive Trackpad: Trackpad fails to respond to touch or gestures.
    3. Moisture Damage: Trackpad malfunction due to exposure to liquid spills or moisture.
    4. Software Issues: Persistent trackpad problems despite software troubleshooting.
    5. Broken or Loose Components: Internal damage to trackpad components affecting functionality.
    6. Compatibility: Upgrading to a newer trackpad model or different trackpad technology.

    MacBook Trackpad Replacement Cost

    The cost of replacing a MacBook trackpad depends on a few factors, including the MacBook’s model, the damage’s extent, and how fast you want your device returned to you. Some newer models have their trackpad integrated into the body of the MacBooks, and navigating their complex trackpad system can be trickier. Also, the replacement cost may be higher if engineers need to use specialized tools to fix the trackpad. The most important thing is that an authorized engineer handles the repairs to avoid complicating the damages.

    MacBook Pro 15-inch Trackpad Replacement

    Replacement of the 15-inch MacBook trackpad can be a little costlier than other MacBooks because the trackpad is integrated with other components, like the battery and keyboard. At Big apple repair, we ensure both proper installation and calibration of the trackpad to restore the full functionality of your trackpad.


      Can It Be Fixed? How Fast?

      Yes, your MacBook Pro trackpad can be fixed. If there are small problems with the software causing irregular cursor movements or no movement at all, our technicians can usually fix it in a few hours.

      Will Data Be Lost?

      Your data is safe because it’s stored on your MacBook’s drive, not the trackpad.

      Quality of Spare Parts?

      We make sure to get all our replacement parts from trusted Apple retailers. We’ve been fixing electronics for over ten years, and we stand by our work with a 30-day warranty.

      How Much Does It Cost?

      Our MacBook trackpad replacement cost is not fixed because each repair is different. We’ll give you a free consultation and estimate when you bring your device.

      Can I replace the trackpad on a MacBook Pro?

      You can replace the trackpad on your MacBook Pro if it is faulty. Simply contact us via our website or bring your device to our store, and our skilled engineers will replace it for you in no time.


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