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    Cell phones have become an essential part of our daily lives. You can do just about anything with them. Seriously. It’s like having a minicomputer in your pocket.

    But your phone isn’t indestructible. And when it breaks and you suddenly need to function without it, panic sets in. Agree?

    And nobody, including you, wants to be without their phone for very long. We hear you. We like to brag that our turnaround time for cell phone repair is the best in Brooklyn. It’s true!

    So, bring us your cell phone and find out what everyone’s talking about.

    Cell Phone Repair – What We Fix

    One of the most common cell phone repairs we do is screen replacement. A simple, accidental drop of your phone can result in a shattered screen and can ruin your day. Even sitting on it can start a crack that keeps growing. No need to panic though—we know how to fix that.

    Here’s a comprehensive list of the cell phone parts and issues we repair:

    • Screens
    • Charging ports
    • Batteries 
    • Software 
    • Water damage
    • Motherboards
    • Cameras
    • Speakers

    If you’re not sure what’s wrong with your phone, bring it to us and we’ll figure it out for you. Free of charge! We offer a free diagnostic service to make sure you know what’s wrong and how much it will cost. 

    Once the diagnostic exam is complete, the technician will explain your repair options and get started if you want to proceed. If it’s a basic fix, we can make it happen while you wait!

    How Our Cell Phone Repair Service Works 

    1. Fill out our intake form  Tell us about your phone’s issue and when you can bring it to us.
    2. Deliver your device – You can either bring us your cell phone in person or mail it to us.
    3. We’ll do the diagnostics and repair – After we analyze your cell phone (for free), we’ll give you a repair estimate, and if you agree, we’ll start the repair. Then, so you know what to expect, we’ll keep you informed every step of the way.
    4. Pick up your deviceYou now have a fully functioning cell phone, along with a 30-day warranty. Congratulations!

    Cell Phone Repair – How to Get Started

    We recommend that you give us details about your cell phone’s problem and make an appointment online before you come in. Most repairs can be completed in under one hour. 

    Use this intake form to submit your information


      What are the most common cell phone repairs?
      • Cracked screen
      • Water damage
      • Draining battery
      • Charging port
      • Headphone jack


      How often should you replace your cell phone?

      Most people replace their cell phones every 2-3 years. However, some people replace their phones more often, and some people replace their phones less often. Ultimately, the decision is up to you.

      How can I tell which cell phone has the best lifespan? 

      The Apple iPhone, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S series, and Sony Experis are your best options when considering longevity. The main factors that make them good purchases are build quality, software update frequency, long-lasting batteries, and removable storage.

      Repair Estimate
      Samsung$150+30 days
      Motorola$150+30 days
      LG$150+30 days
      Google Pixel Phone$150+30 days


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