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MacBook Pro Speaker Replacement


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    A few things that can cause MacBook speaker damage are moisture exposure, physical damage from dropping the MacBook, software issues, or it could just be wear and tear. You are in the right place if you are one of those with a MacBook speaker malfunction. At Big Apple Repair, our skilled technicians are well equipped with the skills to solve all your Apple repair needs, including MacBook Pro speaker replacements.

    Steps for Macbook Pro 2015 Speaker Replacement

    The following steps comprise the procedure that our repair engineers follow to replace your speakers.

    1. Removal of the Bottom Case: The repair technician uses a screwdriver to remove the screws securing the bottom case and carefully lift the bottom case off the MacBook Pro.
    2. Battery Disconnection: The battery connector on the logic board is removed with a spudger to carefully disconnect it to prevent accidental power flow
    3. Removal of Logic Board Shielding: Any shield covering the logic board is removed to access the internal components.
    4. Speaker Disconnection: The repair technician disconnects the speaker cables from the logic board to disconnect the speakers.
    5. Speaker Removal: He then unscrews the screws securing the speakers in place and uses a spudger to gently pry the speakers away from the chassis.
    6. Installing New Speakers: The new speakers are placed in position, and he secures them with screws. Then, he Connects the speaker cables to the logic board.
    7. Reassembly of the Logic Board Shielding: The technician replaces any shielding removed earlier and secures it with screws.
    8. Battery Reconnection: He then reconnects the battery connector to the logic board.
    9. Replacement of the Bottom Case: The engineer positions the bottom case back onto the MacBook Pro and secure it with screws.
    10. Functionality Test: Finally, he powers on the MacBook Pro and tests the functionality of the new speakers to ensure they are working correctly.

    Macbook Pro Speaker Replacement Cost

    The cost of speaker replacement for the MacBook Pro varies depending on the model of the MacBook to be repaired and the extent of speaker damage. When you require your Mac returned to you, it may also greatly affect the repair cost depending on how much work our repair engineers have on their hands.


      What should I do when I have a problem with my MacBook Pro speaker?

      Depending on the severity of the damage to the speaker, your MacBook Pro speaker can either be repaired or require a replacement altogether. Once you notice problems with your speakers, quickly bring them in for a diagnosis.

      Is it possible to fix it? How quickly can it be done?

      Yes, we can fix your MacBook Pro Speaker. Some minor wiring issues that may result in distortion of sound produced or a stop in the sound produced may require one of our technicians to go in and rectify the wiring typically within a few hours.

      Will data be lost?

      Most of your data is stored on the MacBook’s drive, so damage to the speakers can’t affect them.

      Quality of spare parts?

      As a matter of policy, we ensure that all our replacement parts are sourced from accredited Apple product retailers.

      How much does it cost?

      Our MacBook Pro speaker replacement cost is not fixed because the repairs required can vary greatly from person to person. So, we treat every repair situation as a unique case. When you bring your device to us, we will give you a free consultation and estimate.

      Is it possible to replace the speaker in a MacBook Pro?

      Yes, we can replace the speakers in a MacBook Pro. However, it is a specialized process that requires the service of our highly skilled engineers, who know how to go about it.

      How long do MacBook speakers last?

      MacBook speakers can last the entire lifespan of the MacBook with proper care, but with improper handling or care, they may become damaged and need repair.

      Do MacBook speakers wear out?

      Like many electronic components, MacBook speakers can experience wear and tear.


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