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    If your MacBook Pro screen is currently acting up and you need a quick solution, look no further than Big apple repair. If you notice that your screen is flickering on and off, perhaps the brightness is very low, or the screen is not displaying, you should immediately bring your device to us for a quick fix.

    MacBook Pro screen repair cost

    The cost of replacing a MacBook Pro screen depends on a few factors, including the MacBook’s model, the damage’s extent, and how fast you want your device returned to you. Some newer MacBook Pro models with Retina displays or Touch Bar technology may be more expensive to repair due to the complexity of the screen assembly. Also, the replacement cost may be higher if the damage includes the screen and other parts. The most important thing is that an authorized engineer handles the repairs to avoid complicating the damages.

    How Much Can a Cracked MacBook Pro Screen Repair Cost

    Typically, in the case of a cracked screen, the damage to the screen may also affect the camera and the backlight. Replacing all these other components alongside a new screen can lead to higher costs than a case of screen damage without a crack. 

    What are the steps for my 16 Inch MacBook Pro screen replacement

    At Big Apple Repair, we will follow these steps in replacing your 16-inch MacBook Screen

    1. Assessment: He will evaluate the extent of screen damage and confirm the need for replacement.
    2. Shutdown and Disassembly: next, he will power off the MacBook Pro, disconnect cables, and remove the bottom case.
    3. Disconnect Battery: Using a spudger, he will disconnect the battery connector.
    4. Screen Removal: Next, he must carefully detach the damaged screen assembly, including screws and adhesive.
    5. New Screen Installation: He must properly align and install the replacement screen securely.
    6. Reconnection: Then attach display cables and connectors, including the battery connector.
    7. Reassembly: After reconnection, he will then securely reattach the bottom case and tighten the screws.
    8. Testing: At this stage, he powers on the MacBook Pro and tests the functionality of the new screen.
    9. Quality Check: Lastly, he Inspects for any issues before delivering the MacBook back to you.



      What Should I Do When I Have a Problem With My Macbook Pro Screen?

      Immediately you notice a problem, it is best to bring it in for a MacBook Pro screen repair. Some screen issues worsen over time. You may notice that the damage on your inked or cracked screen increases the longer you put it off.

      Is It Possible to Fix It? How Quickly Can It Be Done?

      We can fix all your MacBook Pro issues. However, the time it may take differs from person to person, depending on the severity of the damage. 

      Quality of Spare Parts?

      We do not use substandard products. We make sure to source our replacement parts from accredited Apple replacement part sellers.

      How Much Does It Cost?

      Depending on a number of variables, including the cost of replacement parts at the time, the degree of damage or malfunction, and the urgency with which you require your MacBook returned, the replacement cost may vary from client to client. A cracked MacBook Pro screen repair may cost extra, as the screen may need to be replaced altogether.

      Is it worth repairing the MacBook Pro screen?

      Many operations you carry out on your MacBook depend heavily on your MacBook Pro screen. As such, it is a worhtwhile endeavor to repair your MacBook Pro screen if it has a fault.

      How long does it take to replace the screen on a MacBook Pro?

      The duration required to replace the screen on a MacBook Pro might differ based on several factors, such as the type of the MacBook Pro in question and the accessibility of replacement parts. Generally speaking. A competent technician can usually replace the MacBook Pro’s screen in one to two hours. 


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