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    Have you recently had to force shut your MacBook because of sudden freezes? Or have you noticed your MacBook heating up beyond normal? This may be a sign that you need a MacBook Pro logic board replacement. At Big Apple Repair, we specialize in fixing all your MacBook Pro issues, including the logic board replacement. 

    MacBook Pro Logic Board Replacement Cost

    Replacing the logic board on a MacBook Pro can be a significant expense, often one of the costlier repairs due to the complexity of the component and the labor involved. The logic board, also known as the motherboard, is essentially the heart of the MacBook Pro, responsible for managing and coordinating its functions.

    Factors Influencing MacBook Pro Logic Board Replacement Cost

    • Model and Year
    • Warranty Status
    • Third-Party vs. Apple Service
    • Extent of Damage

    Macbook Pro Logic Board Repair

    Depending on the severity of the damage to the board, your MacBook Pro logic board repair can be something minor or require a replacement altogether. Issues like minor liquid spills can easily be repaired by opening up your Mac and cleaning and drying it out. If there’s a loose, spoilt, or disconnected electronic component on the board, we can swiftly have it replaced and fastened back to the board. However, in cases with severe physical trauma to the board, fire damage, or severe liquid damage, your MacBook Pro logic board may need to be changed entirely.


      Should you replace your MacBook's motherboard?

      Whether or not you should replace your MacBook’s motherboard depends on the severity of the issue you’re experiencing and the cost-effectiveness of the repair. If the motherboard is the cause of significant problems and the cost of replacement outweighs the value of the MacBook or the repair cost, it may be more practical to consider investing in a new device. However, for newer models or situations where the repair cost is reasonable, replacing the motherboard can extend the lifespan of your MacBook.

      Is it possible to replace the motherboard on a MacBook?

      Yes, it is possible to replace the motherboard, also known as the logic board, on a MacBook. Apple and some authorized dealers offer motherboard replacement services for MacBook models. Additionally, third-party repair shops may also provide this service. Replacing the motherboard can address various hardware-related issues and restore the functionality of your MacBook.

      What causes a MacBook motherboard to fail?

      Several factors can contribute to the failure of a MacBook motherboard:

      • Physical Damage: Accidental drops, spills, or impacts can damage the motherboard and its components.
      • Overheating: Excessive heat buildup, often due to blocked vents or malfunctioning cooling systems, can damage the motherboard over time.
      • Electrical Issues: Power surges or fluctuations can damage sensitive components on the motherboard.
      • Component Degradation: Like any electronic component, the motherboard may degrade over time due to normal wear and tear, leading to eventual failure.
      How do I know if my motherboard is damaged?

      Signs of a damaged MacBook motherboard may include:

      • Failure to Power on: If your MacBook fails to turn on or boot properly, it could indicate a problem with the motherboard.
      • Random Shutdowns or Freezing: Unexpected shutdowns, freezes, or system crashes may point to motherboard issues.
      • Peripheral Malfunctions: Problems with connectivity or functionality of peripheral devices, such as USB ports or display outputs, can be indicative of motherboard problems.
      • Visual or Audio Distortion: Display abnormalities, flickering, or distorted audio may suggest motherboard-related issues.
      • Diagnostic Errors: Running hardware diagnostic tests provided by Apple or third-party software can help identify motherboard-related issues if they’re present.

      If you suspect your MacBook’s motherboard is damaged, you can contact us to get it fixed for you.


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