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Apple MacBook Screen Repair


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    Signs that your Apple MacBook needs screen repair

    The screen of your Apple MacBook can malfunction because of many factors, and troubleshooting the issue depends on the specific symptoms you’re experiencing. Here are some signs that your MacBook may require screen repair:

    • Cracked or damaged screen – cracks or shattered glass, which is an obvious sign that repair is necessary.
    • Dead pixels – individual pixels on the screen that do not light up and appear as small, dark spots.
    • If the display is flickering, flashing, or exhibiting inconsistent brightness levels, it may indicate a problem with the screen or its connection to the MacBook.
    • If the screen remains completely black, even when the MacBook is powered on, it suggests a serious issue with the display or its connection.
    • Horizontal or vertical lines, discoloration, or unusual artifacts on the screen.
    • If the backlight is not functioning correctly, you may notice a very dim or completely dark screen. MacBook backlight repair is one of the services our center provides on a professional level.


    There are other signs that Apple MacBook screen replacement or repair is needed. These are just the most common – if you observe any of them, it’s recommended to seek professional assistance. Attempting to repair a MacBook yourself may cause further damage.


    MacBook backlight repair

    Repairing the backlight of a MacBook can be a delicate process, as it involves working with the internal components of the display. If your device’s issue is with the backlight, such as a dim or completely dark screen, here’s what we are going to do:

    1. Determine the exact cause of backlight issues – a faulty backlight component, a damaged cable, faulty logic board, etc.
    2. Use genuine Apple parts to maintain the quality and reliability of your MacBook.


    Why contact our service center?

    If you are considering contacting a repair service center to get the screen of your Apple MacBook repaired or replaced, here are some general reasons why you should choose the Big Apple Repair team in Brooklyn:

    • Fully professional team that is in the business of repairing Apple devices for 10+ years.
    • We use genuine Apple parts and adhere to Apple’s repair standards.
    • Warranty is provided on our work and parts.


      How much does MacBook screen repair cost?

      The cost of MacBook screen repair can vary based on the model, the extent of the damage, and whether genuine Apple parts are used. It is necessary to study the faulty device to establish what kind of work has to be done and the cost attached to it.

      Is the repair covered under warranty or AppleCare?

      The shop is run independently, which allows us to put better prices than Apple on the services provided.

      Do you use genuine Apple parts for repairs?

      Yes – using genuine Apple parts is crucial for maintaining the quality and performance of the devices we serve.

      How long will MacBook screen repair take?

      Repair times can vary depending on factors such as the severity of the damage. Normally, it takes up to a day.

      Is there a diagnostic fee?

      Yes, we provide diagnostics services for free.

      If the screen has to be replaced, how much will it take?

      Normally, the cost of a MacBook screen replacement is anywhere from $200 to $600. If the damage to the screen is minimal, the repair cost is usually low. However, if the screen is destroyed, the repair is likely to cost more.

      Can I mail in my MacBook for repair?

      You can either hand us your MacBook in person or mail it to us at 1277 Bay Ridge Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11219.


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