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    Looking for a professional MacBook Air M2 Repair who can clarify all your doubts? At Big Apple Repair, provide free consultation and diagnosis before any repair process. We use original spare parts and the latest tools to carry out any device repair. You do not need an appointment to reach us. Visit our store or use our mail-in service, we are available 24/7 for any device repair.

    Premium Apple MacBook Air M2 Repair Services 

    The M2 MacBook Air was released in 2022 in Starlight, Silver, Space gray and midnight colors. It is thin and light with 8 Core CPU, 8 GB memory and 24 GB storage. Despite having multiple advantages, M2 is vulnerable to damage. Repairing this model is a tough task. For repairing any part, the logic board needs to be removed. No matter how challenging a task is, Big Apple Repair can do it easily. At our shop, we address the following issues with the M2 MacBook Air:

    • Battery 
    • Screen
    • Logic board
    • MagSafe Port
    • Speakers
    • Sensors
    • Trackpad

    Wait no more and get our free consultation today. We fix simple issues within hours but tough tasks take a few days.

    Our Services For MacBook Air M2 Repair

    At our MacBook Air M2 Repair shop, you will be satisfied with our quality services and affordable pricing. Out of many, some of our major services for M2 laptop repair are below.

    Apple MacBook Air M2 Screen Repair

    MacBook has a 13.5-inch diagonal screen with led backlight display. Because of its shape, the screen needs to be handled with extra care. When a device is dropped, cracks and dents may appear on the screen. For Apple MacBook Air m2 screen repair, contact Big Apple Repair. 

    Apple MacBook Air M2 Battery Repair 

    Apple Care does not cover batteries which are worn down from normal use. This 52.6-watt-hour lithium battery may last long but rough usage decreases the life span. At our shop, we repair and replace batteries with a warranty. 

    MacBook Air M2 Chemical Cleaning

    If water or any other kind of liquid seeps into a device or dust, we do a professional chemical wash. We make your MacBook germ and corrosion-free through the internal and external cleaning processes. 

    Apple MacBook Air M2 Repair Cost 

    We run a diagnosis to check the intensity of damage and then provide you with a price estimation. Our other parts as well as MacBook Air M2 screen repair costs are different. Our cost also covers a 30-day warranty after repair. 

    Why Big Apple Repair

    Our Apple technicians are trained to deal with any product without causing further damage. The expertise and knowledge allow us to repair any device within 24 hours. With us, you do not need to make an appointment. You can drop a device at our store for repair. If you are unable to visit, get our mail-in repair service. Still wondering what to do? Simply, fill out a short form and get our free consultation. We will guide you through the process.


      How much does it cost to replace the MacBook Air M2 screen?

      It depends on the type of screen replacement you need. We charge different pricing for display replacement and metal frame replacement. Get our free inspection so we can guide you better. 

      Can the MacBook Air M2 battery be replaced?

      Yes, a MacBook Air M2 battery is replaceable. It is even cheaper than buying a new laptop. We replace the old battery with a new and genuine one.

      Can the MacBook Air screen be repaired?

      Yes, a MacBook Air screen can be repaired provided you have taken reliable services.  Apple Repairs, we own tools and expertise for MacBook Air screen repair.

      Can you update the MacBook Air M2?

      Yes, we are providing professional services to update the MacBook Air M2. We also improve its performance and speed.


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