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    If you’re not as productive as you should be due to a Toshiba laptop that is either broken or not performing properly, you can get in touch with Big Apple Repair to receive skilled computer repair services. We provide all kinds of Toshiba Laptop Repair services including screen repair, battery replacement, and removal of spyware and viruses. We have the parts, equipment, and expertise to complete the job correctly, quickly, and without any problems. If you want to repair your Toshiba satellite laptop, we have experts that can handle it.

    Whether it’s a cracked screen, water damage, a dead battery, or any other issue, our trained repair technicians will start by conducting a complimentary comprehensive diagnostic test. Afterward, they will provide a detailed description of the issue, along with an estimate of the time and cost needed to fix it. For affordable, quick service with a 30-day warranty, you may reach out to us in New York right now.

    Laptop Hinge Repair for Your Toshiba

    Is it difficult for the lid of your Toshiba laptop to close or open smoothly due to problems with the hinges? Don’t allow a broken hinge to affect how useful your laptop is. At Big Apple Repair, we specialize in offering expert Toshiba Laptop Hinge Repair services to bring your laptop’s durability and performance back.

    Common Signs Your Toshiba Laptop Hinges Need Repair:

    • Stiff or Difficult to Open: Difficulty in opening the laptop lid due to stiff or misaligned hinges.
    • Loose Hinges: The laptop lid doesn’t stay in position and tends to wobble or fall backward.
    • Cracked Laptop Casing: Hinges causing damage to the laptop’s outer casing.
    • Display Issues: Hinges affect the display, leading to flickering or misalignment.

    Toshiba Laptop Charging Port Repair

    Do you have problems getting a reliable connection to the power source, or is it difficult for your Toshiba laptop to charge? Our company specializes in expert Toshiba laptop charging port repair services to keep your laptop switched on and operational.

    Possible Indicators That the Charging Port on Your Toshiba Laptop Needs Repairing:

    • Intermittent charging: The laptop either charges sporadically or needs continuous tweaking to maintain a steady connection.
    • Weak or Unstable Connection: The charging cable fails to maintain a firm grip on the port.
    • No Power: Despite being plugged into the charger, the laptop does not turn on.
    • Burning Smell: If there’s a strange or burned-like scent next to the charging port, there may be a problem.


      What should I do if my Toshiba laptop is not turning on?

      If your Toshiba laptop is not powering on, follow these troubleshooting steps:

      • Check the Power Source: Ensure that your laptop is connected to a working power outlet. Try a different power adapter if available.
      • Inspect the Charging Cable: Examine the charging cable for any visible damage. If there are signs of wear or fraying, consider replacing the cable.
      • Remove External Devices: Disconnect any external devices (USB drives, printers, etc.) and try turning on the laptop. Faulty external devices may affect the startup process.
      • Perform a Hard Reset: Shut down the laptop, disconnect it from the power source, and remove the battery (if removable). Hold down the power button for at least 15 seconds. Reconnect the battery and power source, then attempt to power on the laptop.
      • Check for Display Issues: If the laptop appears to be running but the screen is blank, connect it to an external monitor to check for display problems.
      • Seek Professional Assistance: If the laptop still doesn’t turn on after these steps, it’s advisable to bring it to our repair shop. Our experienced technicians can perform a detailed diagnosis to identify and address the underlying issue.
      Can the hinge of my Toshiba laptop be repaired?

      Yes, it can. Our professionals can repair your Toshiba laptop hinge repair services to restore your laptop’s durability and performance.

      How long does it typically take to repair a Toshiba Satellite laptop?

      The repair time for a Toshiba Satellite laptop can vary depending on the complexity of the issue. Our goal at our store is to provide efficient and timely repairs while ensuring the highest quality of service.


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