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    If your HP laptop isn’t working well and affecting your productivity, you can contact Big Apple Repair for expert computer services. We fix different issues like screen problems, battery replacements, and virus removal. With over a decade of experience, our team of experts has the right parts and skills to do the job correctly and quickly. No matter what the issue is, our trained technicians will start with a free diagnostic test. For affordable and quick service with a 30-day warranty on all repairs, reach out to us in New York today.

    HP Laptop Water Damage Repair

    If your HP laptop has encountered water damage, swift and professional intervention is crucial. At our store, we specialize in detailed HP laptop water damage repair services. Our expert technicians are equipped to assess and address the impact of water damage on your HP laptop, ensuring a thorough restoration to optimal functionality. We understand the urgency, and our team is dedicated to providing quick and effective solutions to minimize potential long-term effects.

    HP Laptop Motherboard Repair

    Is your HP laptop experiencing issues such as sudden crashes, system failures, or abnormal behavior? At Big Apple Repair, our skilled technicians specialize in HP Laptop Motherboard repair services. We go beyond surface-level fixes, conducting in-depth diagnostics and component-level repairs to address issues at the core of your laptop’s motherboard. Trust us to bring your HP laptop back to life with precision and expertise.

    HP Laptop Keyboard Repair

    If your HP laptop’s keyboard is acting up, impeding your productivity, our HP Laptop Keyboard Repair services are here to help. Whether it’s unresponsive keys, sticky or stuck keypads, or missing keys, our expert technicians can diagnose and address a range of keyboard issues. We prioritize precision and efficiency to ensure your HP laptop’s keyboard functions seamlessly.

    HP Laptop Screen Repair

    A malfunctioning screen can significantly impact your HP laptop experience. We specialize in HP Laptop Screen Repair services to address issues such as flickering, distorted visuals, or a completely black screen. Our technicians conduct thorough diagnostics to identify the specific problems affecting your laptop’s display and provide efficient solutions to restore optimal visual performance.

    HP Laptop Hinge Repair

    If your HP laptop’s hinges are causing issues, such as difficulty in opening or closing the lid smoothly, our HP Laptop Hinge Repair services are the solution. Our expert technicians ensure precise repairs to address loose or damaged hinges, preventing further damage to the laptop’s outer casing. Trust us for comprehensive HP laptop hinge repairs that restore both functionality and aesthetics.

    HP Laptop Battery Replacement

    Is your HP laptop’s battery no longer holding a charge? At our NY store, we offer HP Laptop Battery Replacement services to rejuvenate your laptop’s power source. Our technicians use genuine HP replacement batteries to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Experience extended battery life and reliable power with our professional HP laptop battery replacement services.

    HP Laptop Fan Replacement

    Overheating issues can be a sign of a malfunctioning fan in your HP laptop. At our repair shop, our HP Laptop Fan Replacement services address cooling system issues to prevent overheating and potential damage. Our skilled technicians efficiently replace faulty fans with quality components, ensuring your HP laptop stays cool and functions optimally.


      What should I do if my HP laptop isn't turning on?
      • Check Power: Ensure the laptop is plugged in or the battery is charged.
      • Hardware Reset: Disconnect the power source, remove the battery (if possible), and hold the power button for 15 seconds. Reconnect and try turning it on.

      Screen Issues: Check for a faint image on the screen; it might be a display problem. If all else fails, consult our technicians for a comprehensive diagnosis.

      Is it possible to repair the water damage on my HP laptop?

      Yes, it’s possible to repair water damage on your HP laptop. Swift action is crucial; power off the laptop, remove the battery if possible, and bring it to us immediately. Our expert technicians specialize in water damage repairs, conducting thorough diagnostics and component-level repairs to restore your HP laptop to its perfect condition.

      How long does it typically take to repair an HP laptop motherboard?

      The time required for HP laptop motherboard repairs varies based on the specific issues. Our skilled technicians usually aim for a quick turnaround, typically completing motherboard repairs within a few days. For a precise estimate, bring your laptop for a free diagnostic, and we’ll provide you with a detailed quote and timeline.

      Will my data be lost during the repair process?

      We prioritize the safety of your data. In most cases, data remains intact during the repair process. However, as a precaution, it’s advisable to back up your important files before bringing in your HP laptop for repairs. Our technicians take every measure to ensure data integrity, and we communicate transparently throughout the repair process.

      Do I need to make an appointment for my HP laptop repair?

      While appointments are not mandatory, they are recommended to streamline the repair process. Making an appointment allows us to allocate dedicated time for your HP laptop repair, ensuring prompt service. However, if you have an urgent issue, feel free to visit our store during business hours, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your repair needs.


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