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    If a damaged or malfunctioning Dell computer or laptop is interfering with your productivity, you can contact Big Apple Repair for professional Dell computer repair services. From screen repairs and battery replacements to virus and malware eradication. We have the components, equipment, and knowledge to get the job done well, fast, and without difficulty.

    If you have a broken screen, water damage, a dead battery, or another problem, our skilled repair specialists will begin by performing a free, thorough diagnostic test. Following that, they will thoroughly describe the nature of the problem, the projected time and cost of repair, and how to resolve it. You may contact us right now in New York for rapid and good service at a cheap rate, with a 30-day warranty.

    Dell Laptop Power Jack Repair

    Is your Dell laptop having trouble charging or connecting to power? Big Apple Repair specializes in excellent Dell laptop power jack repair services that can get your gadget back up and running smoothly.

    Signs that your Dell laptop’s power jack needs repair:

    • Intermittent charging.
    • Loose or unsteady power connection.
    • No power when the laptop is plugged in
    • Sparks or burning smell near the power jack

    Dell Laptop Motherboard Repair

    If your Dell laptop is experiencing issues such as sudden crashes, system failures, or other unusual behaviors, these symptoms could indicate a malfunctioning motherboard. At our repair shop, we specialize in professional Dell Laptop Motherboard Repair services to address a wide range of motherboard-related issues.

    Common Signs Your Dell Laptop Motherboard Needs Repair:

    Power Issues: Laptop not turning on or shutting down unexpectedly.

    Display Problems: Flickering screen, distorted graphics, or no display at all.

    Connectivity Issues: Ports, USB, or other connectors not functioning properly.

    Overheating: Continuous overheating, even with proper ventilation.

    Peripheral Failures: Issues with the keyboard, touchpad, or other integrated components.

    Dell Laptop Keyboard Repair

    Is your Dell laptop’s keyboard acting up, making typing a frustrating experience? Don’t let a malfunctioning keyboard hinder your productivity. We specialize in professional Dell Laptop Keyboard Repair services to get your keyboard back in top-notch condition.

    Common Signs Your Dell Laptop Keyboard Needs Repair:

    • Unresponsive Keys: Keys not registering when pressed.
    • Sticky or Stuck Keys: Keys that feel sticky or get stuck when pressed.
    • Missing or Loose Keys: Keys that have fallen off or feel loose.
    • Random Key Inputs: The keyboard inputs random characters or doesn’t respond accurately.
    • Liquid Damage: Spills can cause damage to the keyboard, affecting its functionality.

    Dell Laptop Screen Repair

    Is your Dell laptop’s screen displaying strange patterns, flickering, or showing no image at all? We specialize in professional Dell laptop screen repair services to resolve a variety of screen-related issues and get your laptop display back to its optimal condition.

    Common Signs Your Dell Laptop Screen Needs Repair:

    • Cracked or Shattered Screen: Physical damage to the screen can result in cracks or shattered glass.
    • Flickering Display: The screen flickers or blinks intermittently.
    • No Display: The screen remains blank even when the laptop is powered on.
    • Dead Pixels: Dark or unresponsive spots on the screen.
    • Distorted Colors or Patterns: Unusual colors, lines, or patterns on the display.

    Dell Laptop Hinge Repair

    Are the hinges on your Dell laptop causing issues, making it difficult to open or close the lid smoothly? We can help with professional Dell Laptop Hinge Repair services to restore the functionality and aesthetics of your laptop.

    Common Signs Your Dell Laptop Hinges Need Repair:

    • Stiff or Difficult to Open: Difficulty in opening the laptop lid due to stiff or misaligned hinges.
    • Loose Hinges: The laptop lid doesn’t stay in position and tends to wobble or fall backward.
    • Cracked Laptop Casing: Hinges causing damage to the laptop’s outer casing.
    • Display Issues: Hinges affect the display, leading to flickering or misalignment.

    Dell Laptop Battery Replacement

    Is your Dell laptop struggling with battery issues, such as rapid draining, not holding a charge, or failing to power on even when plugged in? At Big Apple Repair, we specialize in professional Dell Laptop Battery Repair services to revive the power and longevity of your laptop.

    Common signs your Dell laptop battery needs repair:

    • Rapid Battery Drain: The battery depletes quickly, even with minimal usage.
    • Failure to Charge: The laptop doesn’t charge or powers off immediately after unplugging.
    • Inaccurate Battery Percentage: Incorrect battery percentage readings or sudden drops in power.
    • Overheating: The laptop becomes excessively hot during use, indicating a potential battery issue.



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