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    Is your Asus slowing down, crashing, or unable to charge? We understand how crucial it is to have a fast, functional computer. You can immediately reach us here in New York for quick and excellent services, low costs, and a 30-day guarantee.

    Our technicians have handled (and fixed!) everything—they can fix any problem on any Asus laptop ever built. If you have a cracked screen, water damage, a dead battery, or any other issue, our qualified repair technicians will start by doing a free, comprehensive diagnostic test. After that, they will carefully explain the nature of the issue, the estimated time and cost of the repair, and how they can fix it.

    • Asus Laptop Water Damage Repair

    Any fluids are hazardous for electronics. If water enters the casing, it can lead to a short circuit, component corrosion, and even device failure. Sugar-filled beverages like soda and alcohol are even more dangerous. Sugar and other trace components will stay within even if water evaporates all or part of it. We have equipment and tools including oscilloscopes, infrared stations, ultrasonic baths, fine-tip soldering irons, etc., even for the most challenging situations. Regardless of the service your Asus laptop needs, we offer a month-long warranty to all of our customers because we consistently produce high-quality work.

    • Asus Laptop Charging Port Replacement

    Your Asus laptop charging port is an essential yet extremely delicate component. To provide a high-quality laptop charging port repair, engineers require specialized tools, professional equipment, and experience. For this reason, you shouldn’t attempt to replace the connection on your laptop yourself if it is damaged. Please visit the Big Apple Repair service center if your laptop is broken. We offer the fastest and best quality repair services. 

    • Asus Laptop Hinge Repair

    While faults with parts within your Asus laptop casing may be difficult to identify without specialized tools, hinge failure is readily apparent even without taking the device apart.

    The following are common signs of hinge failure: 

    • creaking sound when opening or closing the lid
    • the lid not closing tightly
    • the laptop cover not holding in the open position at the proper angle
    • obvious compromise of the hinges’ structural integrity

    Our team of experts gives clients the best alternative for repairing technical difficulties, based on the required and full diagnostics of the device. Our experts inspect the device after the repair is finished to ensure a long-lasting, reliable outcome.

    • Asus Laptop Screen Repair

    It’s quite easy for your laptop screen to get damaged. Some common causes include mishaps such as a flash drive being squeezed by a screen, a laptop falling out of a bag, etc.

    The laptop’s display frequently experiences mechanical stress because it is a large and delicate component. Fortunately, a device with a broken display can still be fixed by our expert technicians.

    Asus Laptop Repair Service Cost

    We at Big Apple Repair provide affordable costs for top-notch Asus repair services. Once our engineers have diagnosed the product, we can tell you the price. We won’t be able to let you know the price till our analysis is finished. But there’s no cost for our estimates, diagnosis, or consultations. The specific problem will determine the cost of repair. Below is an illustration of what cost prices may look like:


      Is it possible to fix my Asus?

      Of course! We are experts in repairing laptops, including Asus models. To accurately analyze the problem and provide you with a diagnosis, we would need to examine your laptop. After inspecting the device and determining the issue, our skilled experts will go over the potential repair alternatives with you. We can help you with hardware or software issues you may be facing.

      Is it possible to diagnose an Asus laptop?

      Yes. We are experts at identifying and resolving problems with a variety of laptops, including Asus models, at our laptop repair shop. Our skilled specialists are proficient in diagnosing both software and hardware problems. We can identify the problem for you, regardless of whether it is related to the laptop’s performance, connection, display, or any other component. Reach out to us today to get

      Is it possible to repair a water-damaged Asus laptop?

      An Asus laptop that has been water-damaged can be repaired, but the outcome will depend on several factors. The motherboard, keyboard, hard drive, and other parts of the laptop are among the components that might sustain harm from water. Whenever a laptop gets damaged by water, we usually take the following actions:

      • Assessment
      • Drying Process
      • Component Inspection
      • Cleaning
      • Replacement of Damaged Parts
      • Testing
      • Data Recovery

      It’s crucial to note that the degree of damage and how soon the laptop is brought in for repair will determine how well the repair goes. We advise you to bring your Asus laptop to our store as soon as you can for a thorough evaluation and to improve the chances of a successful repair.


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