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    Are you trying to get the best deal on fast, excellent Acer repair? Good news! You may stop looking now—you’ve found it!

    In Brooklyn, we can repair any Acer device. Yes, you read that correctly. Our experts have seen (and repaired!) it all—they can fix any issue on any Acer laptop ever made. Whether your laptop is brand new or older, our repair professionals can restore it. 

    Our expertise is not limited to Acer products. 

    If you have a broken screen, water damage, a battery problem, or anything else, our certified repair technicians will begin by performing a free and thorough diagnostic test. Then they will patiently describe the extent of the problem, how to solve it, how long it will take, and how much it will cost. 

    • Acer laptop keyboard repair

    Your Acer keyboard can have issues if it sustains physical damage or develops a software problem. If your Acer laptop keyboard is giving you trouble and you’re thinking of getting it fixed, you can reach out to our expert technicians. 

    • Acer battery replacement

    Your Acer battery can get damaged simply by wear and age, or it can develop faults due to physical forces. Whatever the case may be, our laptop technicians will ensure that your battery is replaced using a genuine battery Acer battery from an authorized dealer.

    • Acer laptop hinge repair 

    Our expert technicians offer quick Acer laptop hinge repair. We guarantee the durability of your laptop hinge by focusing on both functional and aesthetic repairs. 

    • Acer laptop screen repair

    Don’t let a faulty screen slow you down. Schedule a free appointment today and let our professionals diagnose the problem. We have the technical expertise to repair a broken display, a flickering screen, or any other malfunction. 

    Acer Laptop Repair Service Cost

    We offer high-quality Acer repair services at cheap prices. We can not modify the pricing until our engineers have diagnosed the product. We aren’t going to reveal the pricing until we have completed our analysis. However, our ESTIMATES, DIAGNOSIS, AND CONSULTATIONS are free of charge. The cost of repair will depend on the specific issue. An example of what cost prices may look like is shown below:

    Why Big Apple Repair?

    Big Apple Repair simply has the best technicians in the industry. We require our experts to take a comprehensive training program before they can work on your laptop. After completing the training program, they will be able to fix your device more quickly, at a lower price, and more expertly than anybody else. We have that much confidence in their abilities.

    Our recommendation? Allow our professionals to your damaged device before the situation becomes worse.


      What is the most common problem with Acer laptops?

      We offer urgent Acer laptop repair services at our repair institution. Our professionals utilize current diagnostic technology, high-quality parts, and years of expertise and understanding to perform cleaning and maintenance. Laptop repair with us is affordable and safe.  Here are some issues you might face with your Acer laptop:

      • Slow Performance
      • Motherboard Issues
      • Water Damage issues
      • Overheating
      • Battery Issues
      • Screen Issues
      • Keyboard or Touchpad Problems:
      • Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems
      • Software Crashes or Errors:
      • Hardware Failure
      • Blue Screen of Death 
      • No Power or Startup Issues
      How long do Acer laptops last?

      Like any other laptop, an Acer’s lifespan might vary based on several factors, such as the model, maintenance, and usage habits. While most computers are made to last three to five years, there are a lot of different factors that might decrease that time. Here are some things for you to consider about:

      • Usage Patterns
      • Build Quality
      • Maintenance
      • Technological Advances
      • Battery Health
      • Software Updates
      How do I know if my Acer laptop needs repair?

      There are some warning signs you may want to watch out for if you think your Acer laptop needs to be repaired. The following are typical signs that your laptop may need expert repair:

      • Slow Performance
      • Overheating
      • Strange Noises from inside the laptop
      • Dead pixels, flickering, or distorted display 
      • Short Battery Life
      • Charging Problems
      • Frequent Crashes or Freezes
      • Ports malfunctions
      • Cracks or Dents
      • Liquid Damage
      • Unexpected Shut Downs
      • Unresponsive Touchpad or Keyboard


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