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Phone 12 Pro Battery Replacement


    Service Details

    Your iPhone 12 Pro is not only a thing of beauty, but it’s also your daily Swiss army knife. 

    The A14 chip enables some amazing features. You can do so many things with your iPhone that you never even dreamed of! But when the battery dies, it becomes nothing more than a beautifully designed paperweight. 

    We can fix that! By replacing your dead battery with a brand new one, we’ll breathe new life into your iPhone 12 Pro. We want you and your phone to get back to working at your full potential!


    Our Expertise – iPhone 12 Pro Battery Replacement 

    We love being known as the best iPhone 12 Pro battery replacement service in Brooklyn. It makes the extra effort we put into training our repair technicians totally worth it. Our expert technicians will diagnose the problem free of charge and then tell you, honestly, what’s involved in the repair.

    Our #1 goal is for every customer to leave our store confident in our ability to fix any digital device. We’re so confident in the quality of our work that each repair has a 30-day warranty. 

    Just fill out our quick intake form and drop by our store at your convenience. It’s that easy.


    Get Started Using Our Apple iPhone 12 Pro Battery Replacement Service

    1. Fill out our intake form  We recommend that you give us details about your iPhone 12 Pro’s battery problems and make an appointment online before you come in. 
    2. Deliver your device – You can either hand us your iPhone in person or mail it to us at 1277 Bay Ridge Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11219
    3. We’ll do the diagnostics and repair – After we analyze your iPhone (for free), we’ll give you a battery replacement price, and if you agree, we’ll start the repair. Then, so you know what to expect, we’ll keep you informed every step of the way.
    4. Pick up your deviceYou now have a brand-new iPhone battery along with a 30-day warranty. Congratulations!



      Can a battery replacement damage the iPhone?

      The only time a battery replacement can damage the iPhone is if the repair work is done by untrained individuals using non-genuine parts.

      Can I charge my phone overnight?

      Charging your phone overnight will not hurt anything. Many, many people have charged their iPhone overnight for years without any damage.

      Should a new iPhone battery be fully charged?

      All newer Apple iPhone batteries, including the iPhone 12 Pro, are made with lithium ion which does not require you to fully charge the battery before use.


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