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    Service Details

    Having an Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max makes you the center of attention, but any malfunctioning on this mobile device may ruin the whole scene. So, it’s better to have a reliable Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max repair service near you. Big Apple Repair is here to help and grant you the uttermost peace of mind. 

    Our skilled technicians provide fast, affordable, and high-quality repairs to get your iPhone back in top shape. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we ensure your device is handled with care and precision. So, approach us today for our professional service.

    Excellent Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Repair Service 

    At Big Apple Repair, we are experts in solving a wide range of issues happening with your Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max. Some of them are given below:

    • We fix cracked screens, unresponsive touchscreens, and display issues
    • We address fast battery drain, charging problems, and swollen batteries
    • We repair blurry photos, camera app crashes, and non-working cameras
    • We replace cracked back glass and fix cosmetic issues
    • We repair broken speakers, microphone problems, and sound issues
    • We fix home, volume, and power button problems
    • We resolve freezing, app malfunctions, and operating system problems
    • We address Wi-Fi, signal, and SIM card issues

    On experiencing any of the above or even more flaws of your mobile device, you can get our reliable services in Brooklyn, NYC. 

    Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Screen Repair

    Have a cracked screen or unresponsive touchscreen? We can fix it quickly so your iPhone looks and works like new. Our screen repair service uses high-quality parts and ensures that your touch sensitivity and display clarity are restored.

    Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Camera Repair

    Is your camera blurry or not working? Our experts will repair it so you can take clear photos again. Whether it’s a hardware issue with the lens or a software problem, we’ll diagnose and fix it to get your camera back in perfect condition.

    Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Battery Replacement

    Is your battery draining fast or not charging? We replace faulty batteries to keep your iPhone running longer. Our battery replacement service is quick and ensures your phone can hold a charge just like when it was new.

    Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Back Glass Repair

    A cracked back glass can make your phone look bad. We replace the damaged back glass to restore the phone’s original appearance by using precise techniques for back glass repair for iPhone 14 Pro Max. 

    Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Back Repair

    If the back of your iPhone has any other issues, we can fix them to ensure your phone is sturdy and looks good. From structural damage to cosmetic blemishes, our comprehensive back repair service addresses all aspects to keep your iPhone in top shape.

    Why Choose Our Repair Shop

    If you have any concerns related to our services, just see below and figure out what distinguishes us from others.

    • Technical Experts: We have a team of professional and skilled technicians who are experts in all types of repairs and have keen diagnoses.
    • Advanced Diagnostics: We keenly analyze the iPhone 14 and reach the root cause of its technical flaws.
    • Physical Repair: We repair any physical issues, from a cracked display to water damage.
    • Logic Board Repairs: We diagnose and fix issues with the logic board, ensuring your phone operates smoothly. 
    • Micro-Soldering: Our technicians perform precision soldering to repair damaged connectors and components on the motherboard.
    • Fully Customer Support: We care about our customers and assist them in any way, providing repair quotes, addressing their concerns, and explaining issues. 

    So, if you want hassle-free Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max repair, move to us without any hesitation. Our one-stop-shop remains open 6 business days a week.

    How to Get Started

    In order to get our Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max repair service, make an appointment online and give us details about your device’s issues. If you have any concerns related to service or charges, contact us and figure out our iPhone 14 Pro max repair cost.


      Can iPhone 14 Pro Max screen be replaced?

      Yes, the screen of an iPhone 14 Pro Max can be replaced. But it’s done by expert and professional technicians. Because it demands technical expertise. So, go to Big Apple Repair for a reliable repair service. 

      Can the back of an iPhone 14 Pro Max be fixed?

      Yes, the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s back can be fixed by professionals. Whether it’s cracked, split, or shocked rear glass, a professional repair service can replace it whenever it gets damaged.

      What are the major defects of iPhone 14 Pro Max?

      There are some major defects of iPhone 14 Pro Max, such as overheating, battery drain, and occasional software glitches. However, these issues may not affect every user.


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