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    Service Details

    Glass replacement

    The iPhone 13 is equipped with a shatterproof Ceramic Shield glass. The iPhone with such glass can withstand minor drops and bumps. Moreover, after such incidents, the phone will not bear any trace on its glass – no indentations or cuts.

    But significant damage, as you might have expected, can and likely will lead to the destruction of the glass surface. However, the probability of preserving the display matrix is still higher with ceramic shield glass than without.

    Replacement of the iPhone 13 glass should be carried out only in a service center, it is important to carefully dismantle the damaged surface, and – after installing a new glass for your iPhone – to restore the dust and moisture protection layer. It is a step the less professional repairers can’t skip or forget about.

    Screen repair

    Determining that you need to replace the iPhone 13 screen is extremely easy. If the sensor is still working there under the broken glass, and the picture is displayed correctly, you can get by with the replacement of the iPhone glass.

    If there are artifacts under the glass and the touch panel does not respond, you definitely need to get the device repaired. Of course, it’s not just the glass issue, but the Apple iPhone 13 screen replacement cost is still very affordable since the procedure is rather routine.

    Why contact our service center?

    Service center Big Apple Repair in Brooklyn has been engaged in professional repair of Apple equipment for more than 10 years. We employ a set of practices that make repairing your device here the best option for you if you’re in New York:

    • We only hire professionals with experience. 
    • We use the best quality spare parts in our repairs. 
    • Our service center has fair and affordable prices. 
    • We provide a warranty on the work and the parts themselves.


      How fast can you fix the screen?

      In about an hour or less – depending on the issue.

      How much will it cost to replace the screen?

      The cost is estimated upon inspection when the level of damage is determined. Screen problems are usually of low complexity and cost.

      Do you need to fix your iPhone if the only problem is the glass?

      It is not the most serious issue, yet you better take care of it, so that the glass breaks do not cause the screen to fail – this way it will be more expensive.


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