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    Service Details

    Any iPhone is going to require professional repair after being in constant use for a while. In some cases – mechanical, water, or heat damage – this time can come sooner. Professionals from the Big Apple Repair team are here to help you get your device in good working order!

    Apple iPhone 13 repair

    Upon encountering some annoying issues with your iPhone performance, you may suspect that it’s going to cost too much time and money to have it restored to full functionality. But in fact, this is not always the case – even a very disturbing issue can be the result of a malfunction in iOS or other related software. Most often, flashing will fix it, which is quick and inexpensive. In that case, it’ll actually be all the iPhone 13 repairs you’ll need. Of course, proper diagnostics are required to determine what is wrong.

    Popular iPhone 13 services

    When it comes to iPhone 13 repair, our service center has special proficiency and expertise in:

    • Display replacement
    • Display glass replacement
    • Battery replacement
    • Case replacement
    • Camera glass replacement
    • Pre-sale diagnostics
    • Cleaning

    Why repair iPhone 13

    When you rely on your iPhone both in your personal life and at work, it is very important that it works for a long time and does not turn off for no reason in the middle of the day. You deserve to be sure that you hear the person you are talking to perfectly and that they hear your speech without distortions. Therefore, if the battery has lost a significant portion of its capacity, or the microphone and speaker begin to show signs of some interruptions in their performance, you need to repair your iPhone 13.

    Also, even though the iPhone 13 is a model pretty well protected from external factors (including the great moisture protection it boasts), there are situations when professional attention because of damage that came from outside shall be very much welcome. For example, if you drop it, the device can get scratched – the screen, back panel, and cameras are prone to such damage.

    If the tightness is compromised due to external damage, the device will lose its helpful dust and moisture protection. Even a short exposure to rain can result in liquid getting inside the case, which may have serious consequences. Therefore, if your iPhone 13 is damaged, contact a professional service center to have it repaired.

    Big Apple Repair

    At our center in Brooklyn, we provide all the necessary repair services for various Apple products. Our specialists will perform diagnostics of your iPhone 13 using specialized tests. If the device you bring to us can be saved – we will make sure it is!

    Why ordering iPhone 13 repair at Big Apple Repair service center will be the right decision:

    1. Big Apple Repair is a team of expert technicians serving the people of New York for more than 10 years;
    2. The availability of modern equipment allows us to minimize the repair time;
    3. We provide a warranty for the work in general and all the specific parts we use;
    4. We practice urgent repairs.


      Do you offer any warranty on the provided Apple iPhone 13 repairs?

      Upon the replacement/repair of your iPhone’s parts, we provide a warranty depending on the type of service.

      How much would it cost me to have my iPhone 13 repaired at your facility?

      The exact cost can only be determined upon due examination of the device.

      How long will it take to repair my iPhone 13?

      Depending on the exact type of malfunction/damage, it may take anything from less than one hour to a full day of work.


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