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iPad Water Damage Repair


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    Are you wondering what can be done, if anything, to fix your water-damaged iPad? At Big Apple Repair, our skilled repair engineers will have your iPad working and ready to go again in no time. We specialize in fixing all Apple products. Our engineers have tons of experience and are masters in fixing water-damaged devices.

    When you come to us with your faulty device, we give you a free consultation and estimate, so that we can quickly get to repairing your device.

    IPad Water Damage Repair Cost

    The repair cost of a water-damaged iPad is determined only after consultation. A few reasons why are; the iPad model, the extent of damage, and how quickly you want your device back. Some newer iPad models have advanced technology that may require engineers to purchase tools and parts for fixing it, thereby contributing significantly to the cost of fixing. Also, in severe damage cases where water has stayed inside the device for a prolonged period, more electronic components could corrode, impacting the fixing cost. Sometimes, owners may want their device returned a lot earlier when engineers have a bulky workload; speeding up the repair process in such a case would typically attract an extra charge, also affecting the fixing cost.

    Apple IPad Water Damage Repair in Your Location

    You should immediately bring your iPad to a Big Apple repair store near you if your screen is glitching or your device is not coming on after a water accident. Do not neglect this step even if your device is water resistant. Our repair engineers have over a decade of experience and are highly emotionally intelligent in dealing with clients. 

    Many clients choose us because of the many benefits we offer, some of which are:

    • Experienced Repair Engineers: Our repair Engineers have years of experience and are customer-oriented.
    • Same-Day Service Available: Although some severe damages may take time to repair, our same-day service is available if you opt for it.
    • Open six days a week: We are open six days a week, so you can always bring in your device whenever there’s a malfunction, and our technicians will have it fixed in no time.

    Avoid wasting money and time, and improve your productivity. Contact us today to get your iPad up and running.


      Can a water-damaged iPad be repaired?

      A water-damaged iPad can be repaired, thanks to the availability of replacement parts and the knowledge of skilled engineers. After over 4500 successful repairs, our repair technicians have mastered the art of fixing water-damaged iPads and can have your iPad running in a short time..

      How much does it cost to repair a water damaged iPad?

      Our repair engineers disclose the repair cost for fixing your water-damaged iPad to you after inspection of the device. Because the repair can vary based on the model of iPad in question and the extent of damage, we do not provide a quote before hand.

      Is it possible to save an iPad after it gets wet?

      You can save your iPad by immediately retrieving it from the moisture source and drying it as much as possible. Immediately you retrieve it, if it is still on:

      1. Turn the device off right away. 
      2. Drain it as much as possible but avoid shaking it to remove excess water. Instead, place it in a dry environment. 
      3. Use desiccants if you have any readily available
      4. As soon as you can, bring it to our store.
      Why won't my iPad turn on after falling into the water?

      It is not uncommon for your iPad to refuse to power on after a water incident. A few reasons why are; battery damage, corrosion of internal components, and short-circuiting, all of which may have been caused by the water damage.


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