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    We do all types of Apple product repairs, including iPad screen repair. Some common reasons you may need an iPad screen repair are physical damage from dropping it, moisture damage, or software or hardware malfunction. Our repair engineers have years of experience and will give you a free consultation when you bring in your gadget.

    iPad Screen Repair cost

    The repair cost for iPad screens varies from client to client. This is because various clients may possess different iPad models. Newer iPads may have a retina display or face ID, and the complexity of the screen’s assembly may significantly increase the repair cost. The extent of the damage may also contribute significantly to the repair cost, especially if the damage extends beyond the screen to some other components.

    iPad Screen Replacement

    Depending on the severity of the damage, your iPad screen may need to be replaced. Some damages like adhesive failure of the screen, minor chips and scratches, and some touch sensitivity issues may not necessarily warrant a screen replacement but a minor repair.


      Can a faulty iPad screen be fixed?

      Thanks to Apple for populating the market with replacement parts, repair engineers have up-to-date knowledge and components for fixing faulty iPad screens. If you notice a fault with your iPad screen, swiftly turn it in to an authorized technician.

      How fast can it be done?

      It depends on a few things, like how bad the damage is and if we have the right parts. Sometimes, we can fix it in a few hours. But if it’s a complicated problem like a severely cracked screen, it might take a few hours or days, depending on whether we have the replacement part in stock.

      Will data be lost?

      The chances of losing your data are slim because the screen is not the storage device. But having your important files backed up for safekeeping is always good practice.

      What about the quality of the parts?

      We only use the best replacement parts for our repairs. We’ve been fixing electronics for over ten years and have a good reputation. We stay away from fake parts, so we can give you a 30-day warranty after we fix your device.

      How much does it cost to replace an iPad screen?

      Our iPad screen repair cost can vary depending on things like the price of parts and how bad the damage is. When you bring your device to us, our skilled technicians will take a look and give you an estimate based on all these factors.

      Is it worth repairing the iPad screen?

      Investing in repairing your iPad screen, considering its importance in operating the iPad, is worthwhile. Also, it generally costs less to repair your iPad screen than it costs to buy a new iPad.

      Is it possible to replace the glass of an iPad?

      The glass of an iPad can be replaced, but make sure to see that a skilled technician handles the replacement.

      How long does it take to replace an iPad screen?

      All things being equal, in the hands of a skilled engineer, it should take about 1 to 2 hours.


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