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    Service Details

    Big Apple Repair is offering fast iPad charging port repair at a reasonable price. We are providing two convenient options for our users. You can visit our store or mail the device. We will send it back once it is fixed. You can get more information by filling out a form available on our site.

    Qualified iPad Charging Port Repair

    The charging port is an important part of the device. Once it is damaged, you won’t be able to use your tablet. It controls the home button and loudspeaker. If your home button isn’t working, there are pretty high chances of a broken port. We have witnessed many problems in the port. Some major are

    • iPad won’t charge
    • Burning smell 
    • Loose linkage
    • Dust accumulation
    • Software issue

    Regardless of any issue, we will fix the Apple iPad charging port. Even if you want a software upgrade, we will do it with professional tools.

    How To Do an iPad Charging Port Repair

    The charging port is challenging to fix, yet you may try using a DIY kit. Follow these simple steps to fix the port

    • Restart tablet 
    • Clean a device 
    • Try using a new cable 
    • Try new adapter 
    • Use DFU mode 
    • Fix lightning cable

    Generally, we won’t take much time to fix a device. It takes some days for simple problems or a week for complex issues. 

    Why Choosing Big Apple Repair

    At our shop, you will get the following advantages 

    • Free Diagnostics: After getting a product, we run free diagnostics to find out the problem. Sometimes, a device malfunctions due to multiple reasons that cannot be detected without using tools. After diagnosing, we get back to you with price estimates and then start fixing the tablet. 
    • Refurbishing Services: Our technicians also provide cleaning services for iPads. We will clean every part professionally for the smooth functioning of a device. With this, we will work on enhancing the performance of a tablet too. 
    • Expert Team: Big Apple Repair owns Apple-certified engineers and technicians to handle your products. We do not hire any unskilled workers. Plus, we arrange regular workshops and training sessions to enhance their capabilities. 
    • Multiple Repairs: At our shop, you will get restorations for Apple, Dell, Microsoft, Sony, and many other companies. We fix the screen, battery, motherboard, trackpad, keyboard, and multiple parts. For Apple, we fix laptops, iPhones, and desktops.

    You will get all these outstanding services at a minimal iPad charging port repair cost. For further details, speak to our representative.


      How much does it cost to fix the charging port on an iPad?

      We have different iPad charging port repair costs. We will update you on the price after conducting a complimentary diagnosis.

      Is it possible to fix the iPad charging port?

      Big Apple Repair provides fast and efficient iPad charging port repair at a reasonable price. Our technicians diagnose the issue and fix any problem with the device in the least possible time.

      Can you clean an iPad's charging port?

      We are providing cleaning services for not only charging ports but also many other parts of a tablet. You just need to bring the device to our store, the rest we will manage.

      How long does it take to repair a charging port?

      We can provide you with the details of the exact time only after diagnosing the issues. Usually, our engineers take several days to fix any simple problems with an iPad. If the issue is complex, requiring concentration on minute details then we take a few weeks.


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