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    Have you notice a decline in your iPad Air’s battery life? Or is the screen of your iPad malfunctioning? These common iPad problems require professional iPad Air repair services. At Big Apple Repair, we repair all iPad related malfunctions. Our highly skilled repair technicians have over a decade of experience, repairing a wide  range of iPad related problems, including:

    • screen damage, 
    • moisture damage, 
    • battery malfunction, 
    • charging port issues, 
    • button issues, 
    • audio problems, 
    • and even software problems.

    When you come to us, we give you a free consultation and provide you with a free estimate, before we proceed to quickly complete the repair of your device.

    Trust Apple IPad Air Repair to Experts

    You should immediately take your iPad Air to a Big Apple repair shop near you if you notice improper iPad function. Don’t try to fix your faulty device on your own, because iPad repair knowledge is highly specialized knowledge possessed by trained engineers. What may seem right to you may only worsen the fault. 

    Also, delays may exacerbate some iPad damage cases. A typical example of water damage may see some more internal components corrode the longer the damage persists. Your data will be lost if the water damage affects your iPad storage in a way that your data can’t be accessed through your iPad. But if the storage remains unaffected, our repair engineers will make sure to back up your files before they start any repair. In any case, the earlier you bring your device to our repair shop, the sooner the repair can be completed and you can cut down extra repair costs.

    What should I do when I have a problem with my device?

    You can follow these steps when you have a problem with your device.

    1. If you can, power off the device
    2. In the case of a liquid spill, try and drain of excess moisture without shaking the device.
    3. If you can’t immediately bring the device to our repair shop, store it in a cool dry place
    4. Turn it over to our friendly repair engineers for repair

    We make sure to use high quality replacement parts only from authorized dealers. As such, we are able to offer a 30-day warranty on all our repairs.

    Why choose us?

    At Ifixny, our clients enjoy premium benefits like:

    1. Wide range of repairs: Our repair engineers have successfully completed well over 4000 repairs and have vast knowledge of a variety of repairs.
    2. Open six days a week: As a customer oriented service, we open six days a week to allow you the freedom to bring your device to us whenever you notice a fault.
    3. Same-Day Service Available: Our repair engineers work fast and effectively and for repair cases where applicable, will have your device returned to you in less than 24 hours.

    Don’t lose productivity and waste your money, contact us today for quick and effective Apple products repair.


      Is it worth repairing the iPad Air?

      Repairing your faulty iPad Air is a worthwhile endeavor because it is significantly cheaper and less difficult than purchasing a new iPad, especially if you are using an old iPad model. Our Engineers can fix up your iPad and have it look brand new again at an affordable price.

      Is it possible to replace the glass on the iPad Air?

      Yes, it is. If the glass on your iPad Air is cracked or compromised in any way, we have Apple authorized replacement parts. Depending on the workload our engineers have, they can have it replaced for you in a few minutes to hours.

      Can the iPad Air be repaired?

      At Big Apple Repair, our repair engineers are highly trained to fix all Apple devices and can easily have your iPad Air repaired and running in a short time.


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