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    Does your Asus ROG Ally gaming device require fixing? Some of the Ally’s main problems include a cracked screen, performance dips, and poor charging. If you are a gamer and are experiencing problems with your device, you can bring it to our attention. Big Apple Repair is well-known for its excellent repair services. We repair electrical gadgets for commercial and personal use and provide a 30-day guarantee. 

    Our professionals are highly skilled and experienced in resolving any issue that may arise with your Asus ROG Ally. Rest assured, they have a lot of experience handling different issues on the device. If you’re dealing with a cracked screen, water damage, a dead battery, or any other issue, our skilled repair technicians will begin by conducting a thorough diagnostic test at no cost to you. Following that, they will provide a thorough explanation of the problem, along with an estimate of the time and cost required for the repair, and outline their proposed solution.

    Asus ROG Ally Repair 

    The Asus ROG Ally is a portable gaming computer created and produced by Asus as part of their Republic of Gamers brand. The device was launched on June 13, 2023, and it’s a direct competitor to Valve’s Steam Deck. The ROG Ally is powered by the Windows 11 operating system and features an impressive AMD Zen 4 processor.

    Big Apple Repair offers the following ROG Ally repair services at the store:

    • Battery
    • Charging Port
    • Motherboard
    • Controlling Buttons
    • Screen

    We’re open around the clock, so take a couple of minutes to complete a form and one of our representatives will reach out to you for a free consultation. 

    Asus ROG Ally Repair Costs

    Our goal is for all our customers to receive transparent pricing information for their ROG Ally Repair from us, and we strive to maintain affordable prices. Our prices are competitive and the quality of the services is excellent. You can determine the total cost of each solution for your gaming equipment by looking at a thorough breakdown of the expenses. You can rely on us. You will be able to save costs and improve your overall gaming experience with your device.


      Is ROG Ally repairable?

      Yes, the Asus ROG Ally is typically repairable, and our repair shop specializes in resolving any difficulties that may come with this device. The repairability of the Asus ROG Ally is determined by the precise problem you’re having and the degree of damage.

      Does the ROG Ally have a warranty?

      Yes, the ROG Ally has a warranty. The warranty for the ROG Ally gaming handheld is normally offered by the manufacturer, Asus. However, warranty conditions might change, so for the most up-to-date information, see the product’s warranty information or the official Asus website.

      Asus normally provides a basic warranty that covers manufacturing faults and malfunctions for a certain length of time after the date of purchase. Furthermore, they may provide varying guarantee lengths for certain components, such as the battery or accessories.

      To obtain specific warranty information for your ROG Ally, please refer to the product paperwork that came with your purchase or contact the official Asus support page. If you’ve registered your product, you may be able to obtain warranty information via your Asus account.

      Is ROG Ally battery replaceable?

      Yes, the ROG Ally battery can be replaced. The device is designed to allow users to replace the battery when necessary.


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